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Manufacturing Execution via Datatex – Supplementing Tier 1 ERP Systems

Manufacturing Execution via Datatex – Supplementing Tier 1 ERP Systems 
Bob Beecy CFPIM, CIRM, C.P.M.

Tier 1 ERP suppliers, herein defined as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, have been extremely successful in promoting and selling their packages as the preferred solution across all business and manufacturing spectrums. The strategy of selling to the top levels of management has been instrumental in their adoption, but has also been a source of pain for a many in these organizations because the tools that upper management sees as critical to running the business do not always translate well onto the shop floor. This is especially true in textile, apparel and rolled products industries (carpet, nonwovens, geo-textiles, building products, etc). The reasons for this are numerous and will be detailed in this paper, but stem mainly from the fact that apparel and rolled products do not fit comfortably into either discrete or process methodologies. In fact, if you attempt to categorize the subje…

NOW Network Oriented World

NOW Network Oriented World
World most advanced packaged ERP software solution, both in terms of functionality and technology.
NOW solves all requirements of a textile supply chain from Fiber production to the finished, packed garment or set.
Over 400 Companies in 42 countries are a proof of our commitment to textiles and technology.
Datatex has constantly invested in technology and development to bring our functionality and technology to leading edge standards, keeping up with global textile trading and fashion trends and the latest web based technology.
We ensure our customers are never behind and help them succeed and continue on with their business while we invest  in providing best of breed software solutions to keep their business ahead of competition and profitable.
NOW manages:

sales, customer service, planning, scheduling, production, inventory, stock control, costing, purchasing, shop floor management, fabric inspection.
For all links in the textile and apparel supply…