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Datatex powers the World's largest Textile Venture

A Joint Venture Totaling $ 1 Billion has Successfully Launched Using Datatex as the Information Core

Datatex announced today that TAYAL, a joint venture between Algeria Public Enterprises (51%) and Turkish private sector (49%) is successfully leveraging the entire Datatex Industry Solution stack. This massive strategic start-up chose Datatex due to their exceptional industry reputation and the ability to delivery real world results in a timely manner.
Fast Facts: Tayal is a completely vertical textile and apparel operation that will produce denim, knit and shirting fabric and garments.Annual capacity in phase I will be 30,000,000 linear meters of denim per year, 5,000 Tons/year of knit fabric and 15,000,000 linear meters of shirting. In addition 30 Million units of Jeans, shirts, T-shirts, underwear etc.Tayal will create 10,000 jobs​

Datatex Makes Strategic Expansion into Asia Pacific

Due to Continued Growth in Asia Pacific, Datatex Makes a Significant Move by Launching Sales, Support and Development in India
The Asia Pacific region has long been pivotal in the Apparel and Textile value chain. Datatex Global is proud to announce the opening of our Indian subsidiary, Datatex India. Demonstrating a commitment to the increasingly interconnected global business ecosystem, it became apparent that expanding with a physical presence in India was the next step in servicing our many existing clients and providing a competency center for partners with Asia Pacific operations.
The scope of Datatex India will be to service our rapidly expanding base of clients on the Indian subcontinent along with providing a support hub for the Asian Partner Community.  Additionally, Datatex India will provide momentum to development and support of the NOW ERPoffering.  The local Indian office will launch with a team of 40 consultants all of whom are highly trained on the entire Datatex soluti…

Datatex and Tekstildata d.o.o. has promoted a project with The College of Textile Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade

ENGLISH Datatex, the world's leading supplier of IT software solutions to the global textile and apparel industry, with his subsidiary Tekstildata d.o.o. has promoted a project with The College of Textile Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade.

They signed an agreement on cooperation whose main objective is to enable high-quality professional practice to students during the exercises and to prepare students in the best way to work in a real environment that awaits them after graduation.

Datatex, Leader internazionale nella fornitura di sistemi informativi per le aziende tessili e dell’abbigliamento, insieme alla sua filiale serba Tekstildata d.o.o. è promotrice di un progetto presso il “College of Textile Design, Technology and Management” di Belgrado. Lo scopo del progetto è quello di istruire gli studenti della scuola e prepararli nel modo migliore per affrontare il mercato del lavoro dopo la laurea. Datatex ha messo a disposizione il suo know-how e la sua trentennale …