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Disruptive Technology and the Future of Textiles

Starting about three years ago the term ‘disruptive’ began to be applied to enterprise business applications and while this isn’t entirely inappropriate there are some misapplications of this term.  First of all lets look at the original intent of the term disruptive as applied to technology. This moniker first appeared around the time of the mass availability of broadband and certainly became popular as the internet showed up on our phones. These advancements fostered an incredible wave of innovation and new uses for mobile devices.  Truly a disruptive event!
What about enterprise solutions that run our businesses though?  Is disruption really occurring in this space? Certainly there are some disruptive advancements like AI-based planning logic and mobile oriented business applications. However a concerning trend that we are tracking the use of term ‘disruptive’ as a euphemism of sorts to  cover gaps in business solution coverage or to explain away poorly designed system deployment p…