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Planning has become a critical success factor in the textile and apparel business

Shorter delivery times, on-time delivery, smaller lot sizes and on-line order acceptance, are only some of today’s market expectations. These needs must be balanced with the desire to minimize stock financing and maximize profit margins.

Planning Methods and Types
Production for customer orders at all or a partial levels (Make to Order – MTO) Make to stock based on forecast (Make to Stock – MTS) Certain products make to stock and others to order Beginning to stock and completing/finishing to orderPurchasing of all or part of raw materials based on forecastJob lots allocation to specific customers a order acceptance or before shipping

Forecast calculation using “arima” (season based) algorithmTrend managementForecast by customer, agent, market, season / collection, period...Forecast per full or partial product code, product familyDifferent levels of forecast (style and style color)ProjectionsCombination of forecasts, projections and customer orders 
Available to Promise
On …