Work Centers Level Scheduling (Capacity Balance)

  • Automatic scheduling and balancing of demands
  • Configurable to consider either infinite or finite capacity using a graphical tool to visualize or modify the calculated results
  • Visible distinction with reserved capacity by type of order (forecast, projection, confirmed, non-confirmed)
  • Bottleneck detection in case of infinite capacity scheduling

Machine Scheduling

  • Scheduling system provides an on-line graphical review and update
  • Scheduling of all types of departments and operations
  • Algorithms to maximize on-time delivery, minimize setup / change-over times while minimizing Work In Process (WIP) inventory
  • Immediate highlight of production steps that will be delayed
  • Optimize resource selection
  • Support for “what if” / simulation scenarios
  • Finite scheduling calculations consider also additional resource requirements such as labor or tooling as well as material / component availability
  • Possibility for time-based machine split into sub-resources (yarn production frames)
  • Management of compatibility rules of products to machines, product to product for sequencing (one after the other),or for grouping (produced together at the same time) and for capacity reservation and product (reserve capacity for a certain customer or production type such as sampling)


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