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Marketing to sales, a proactive approach

Datatex announces the launch of our new CRM offering based on the integration of NOW/TIM to Vtiger open source CRM tool.
Connect contacts, campaigns and communication with prospects to NOW.
Base contacts, campaigns and communications on current business managed by NOW.
Datatex has now integrated V-tiger to the NOW contact book, customer masters, sales and invoicing along with full integration to the user's mail server and office suite.
Calls can now be managed scheduled and tracked on line, resulting in automatic alerts and attention notices.

New contacts are created in the CRM module and when needed automatically transferred to NOW customer masters.
All communication to and from customer can now be viewed and available on-line including NOW generated documents such as invoices, order confirmation and ship notes, mail interchange and letters sent.
Your Marketing team can now use one screen to:
Create new sales campaigns extracting selected customers by NOW Datatex

Manage maili…

Planning has become a critical success factor in the textile and apparel business

Shorter delivery times, on-time delivery, smaller lot sizes and on-line order acceptance, are only some of today’s market expectations. These needs must be balanced with the desire to minimize stock financing and maximize profit margins.

Planning Methods and Types
Production for customer orders at all or a partial levels (Make to Order – MTO) Make to stock based on forecast (Make to Stock – MTS) Certain products make to stock and others to order Beginning to stock and completing/finishing to orderPurchasing of all or part of raw materials based on forecastJob lots allocation to specific customers a order acceptance or before shipping

Forecast calculation using “arima” (season based) algorithmTrend managementForecast by customer, agent, market, season / collection, period...Forecast per full or partial product code, product familyDifferent levels of forecast (style and style color)ProjectionsCombination of forecasts, projections and customer orders 
Available to Promise
On …

Datatex: IT solution provider to the textile and apparel industry

Datatex systems are specialized in textile and apparel planning and scheduling, totally integrated, apparel feeds textile and planning feeds scheduling, all elements are updated in real time Based on shop floor transactions of production and stock.
Production planning of the apparel requirements is a key factor in feeding the planning environment of the textile part, the datatex planning systems are integrated in full synergy with the detailed scheduling systems for all apparel and textile detailed operations

Datatex: Textile Scheduling - Textile planning - Apparel scheduling - Apparel planning

The new Datatex website is now online!

Our new website is UP, more languages and updated look. The site was developed using the new RWD methodology (Responsive Web Design) allowing the same website to be seen in any web devise, try it on your smartphones or tablets. Size and navigation is automatically adapted. 

Datatex Newsletter - March 2013

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                     Datatex: the highlights of 2012

Datatex has closed 2012 better than projected: although sales where more difficult than expected, due to global market conditions, Datatex has managed to meet budgets and in some areas exceed them.
Datatex has signed new customers in the USA, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Turkmenistan, Germany, Switzerland, India and Peru and have launched activities in El Salvador and Sri Lanka.
We have opened new markets with business partners in Thailand and Pakistan and have gone live in additional 10 companies with NOW, our web based textile ERP.

The highlight of 2012 has by no doubts been the increase of use and enhancements of our planning and scheduling systems embedded in the NOW ERP. Datatex customers can automatically plan and schedule from garment to fiber optimizing delivery times accur…