Vertical versus Generic ERP solutions for the textile industry - SWOT analysis

Vertical versus Generic ERP solutions for the textile industry
SWOT analysis
(Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, Threats)

Textile Industry specific (vertical) ERP solution:

·         Industry specific functionality
·         Dedicated support and implementation professionals well versed in the textile and apparel industry
·         Bench marking abilities and world class industry experience
·         Minimum customizations
·         Improve company performance with industry specific optimization functions (fabric cut optimization, cost optimization, optimize planning and scheduling)
·         Integrated solution for all areas (fiber to garment) and all activities. (sales to purchasing)

·         Too small in invest in proper dedicated R&D , mostly customer based modifications
·         Too small of a customer base to provide support help desk facilities
·         No proper version control and no new releases
·         Need to patch many solutions together
·         Lack of integration
·         Older technology, no funds to invest in new leading edge technology

·         Company may close or sell off to others loosing focus
·         Obsolete technology, no web access etc..
·         Supporting Hardware and Middletware can become obsolete soon
·         High turn in employees, may lead to loss of your installation expertise
·         High costs of upgrading to new modern software or hardware

·         Reduce need of customizations
·         Change and optimize business organization
·         Improve customer service and profitability
·         Reduce inventory and WIP
·         Minimize lead times
·         Control costs
·         Act fast to market changes
·         Minimize investment and IT budget
·         Fast and on budget implementation
What is then the  best solution and decision factors when selecting a new ERP solution:

Do NOT go for a generic ERP, all above strengths and opportunities turn into weaknesses and threats , possible to resolve only by  spending endless amounts of money and time and  loosing the standard. Result  meaning total loss of  the benefits and strengths related to new releases upgrades, help desk support and technology upgrades , you are now running your own fully and heavily customized version of the original.

Do look and find the ERP solution provider who can turn the above weaknesses into Strengths and Threats to opportunities.

This supplier must have a system that:

·         Runs on the latest technology, web based and cloud enabled, with integration ability to latest technology systems.
·         Is Multilingual, multi company and can manage your business from start to end on one integrated data base and solution.
·         Has a global industry install base
·         Has all functionality required for a modern successful operating textile company

Supplier must:
·         Invest heavily in R&D
·         Be present globally
·         Have at least 250 reference  installations
·         Have local competence centers (not just agents) to support you
·         Has been around for long enough to accumulate a track record of reliability with customers
·         Provide and maintain a dedicated help and support center
·         Provide and prove at least one new release per year
·         Provide a product road map for future developments
·         Is financially sound


Textile Industry ERP solution providers may become a risk if selected wrongly, do not base selection on presentation and demonstration alone, all  the above described factors have to be well considered if success is to be guaranteed.
Find a large enough textile ERP solution provider, running on the latest technology and able to support a standard textile industry specific package with a proven and well established global  track record.


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