Can use of effective systems, or rather effective use of the right systems benefits textile manufacturers and converters in these "interesting" times?

The answer is obviously, YES.

Textile manufacturing will not disappear of course, may shift geographically for a while but finally the strong will survive and thrive. Present day organizations cannot operate without effective systems. Effective as opposed to good or efficient means systems which are designed and operate under the textile scenarios and manage the textile requirements. The best system that runs Mercedes Benz or the Pentagon is probably not the most effective system when it comes to textiles. As clear and straight forward as this statement seems, we still see over and over, textile organizations selecting systems by their name of ability to run "integrated" financials, assuming managing the textile processes and business procedures is a no brainer.
We would welcome articles or stories of organizations who have selected this route and today feel the pain and the financial burden, success stories are also welcome.

There are systems out there who have dedicated their design and their future to the textile industry. Datatex where I come from is one of them.

This community or group is not about Datatex, but rather about the overall needs of ICT in the current global textile scenario, What challenges do we face and what solutions are out there implemented successfully to deliver success. What can be done to turn ICT investment into profit. What and how can systems help compete and satisfy customer needs creating wealth for the organization.

We are looking for articles and discussions regarding, ERP, costing , Shop floor management, fabric optimization, planning and scheduling under constraints, automation of processes, PDM, CRM, SFM and the likes.

Lets create this community as a vehicle to transport and communicate systems and business processes that can create wealth and support decisions and manage knowledge, big and complex statements with lots behind them if we stop ,think and plan for a better future.

Success and also failures are welcome to be shared. We do not intend this as a commercial group but much rather as a highly focused professional group with one main goal. Invest in ICT to create profit!

Members are welcome to write share ideas and experiences connect and network to create a wider knowledge base in this highly specialized and more then ever global environment. We will welcome any member with this in mind.

Ronnie Hagin, CEO at Datatex Textile Information systems Inc

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